A 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales
A Dales High Way Walk: a 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales

A Dales High Way

A Dales High Way Route in Detail


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The map shows the main Dales High Way route.

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GPS Route Files

Here are GPS Route Files for the main Dales High Way route, shown in several formats. This is the main route only and does not include any of the Bad Weather alternatives. The files are based on originals produced by John Sparshatt of the Long Distance Walkers Association, and we are greatful for John's permission to make use of them.

We have not checked all these thoroughly ourselves, so please let us know how you get on with them.

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GPS Exchange format Route File ( DalesHighWay.gpx )

MemoryMap Route File ( DalesHighWay.mmo )

Tracklogs Route File ( DalesHighWay.trl )

Anquet Route File ( DalesHighWay.adf )

(NOTE: When downloading the GPX file at the top, it may open as a page in your browser, rather than asking how it should be saved. In which case just save the page as DalesHighWay.gpx and that should work o.k.)


Section 1: Saltaire to Skipton

Flat length: 17.7 miles.  Max height: 383 m.  Height Ascended: 805 m.

Section 1 route profile


Section 2: Skipton to Settle

Flat length: 18.8 miles.  Max height: 523 m.  Height Ascended: 1,145 m

Section2 route profile

Section 3: Settle to Hill Inn (Chapel-le-Dale)

Flat length: 13.9 miles.  Max height: 723 m.  Height Ascended: 902 m

Section3 route profile

Section 4: Hill Inn (Chapel-le-Dale) to Sedbergh

Flat length: 15.5 miles.  Max height: 542 m.  Height Ascended: 597 m

Section4 route profile

Section 5: Sedbergh to Newbiggin-on-Lune

Flat length: 10.7 miles.  Max height: 675 m.  Height Ascended: 804 m

Section 5 route profile

Section 6: Newbiggin-on-Lune to Appleby

Flat length: 12.7 miles.  Max height: 368 m.  Height Ascended: 351 m

Section6 route profile