A 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales
A Dales High Way Walk: a 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales

A Dales High Way


The countryside changes, and as soon as a route has been mapped and a guide produced, changes will occur. Here we will give details of any changes along the way that have come to our attention. That may be a new fence and stile, a changed sign, a path diversion or whatever. If you come across any changes whilst walking A Dales High Way please email us at the address at the foot of this page, giving as much detail as possible and attach a photo if possible. Many thanks. 

Most recent changes are shown at the top.

Route Guide (3rd Ed.): Pages 21, Section 2, Map 9 "Gordale House to Kirkby Fell".   (1/7/22)
Companion (2nd Ed): Page 43, Section 2, "Gordale House to Kirkby Fell". Para (9).

New National Trails waymark policy at YDNPA

An update in policy at the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority on waymarking along National Trails has meant the loss of a few Dales High Way waymarks. The policy is intended to declutter National Trail signage, by restricting the addition of other waymarks from recognised Recreational Routes to the points where they "join" and "leave" the National Trail.

In the case of A Dales Hign Way (DHW) this has affected the section it shares with the Pennine Bridleway (PBW) between Malham and Settle. A Dales High Way joins the Pennine Bridleway (Settle Loop) above Langscar Gate. The PBW fingerpost at this point continues to carry DHW waymarks, but further PBW fingerposts at Nappa Gate and Stockdale Lane have lost them. The changes have been implemented as new replacement fingerposts have been installed.

The directions in the Route Guide and Companion remain, however, quite clear and so should cause walkers no trouble in route finding.

A Dales High Way is reasonably well, though minimally, waymarked, in line with advice in "Signs and Waymarking, Good Practice Guide, The Institute of Public Rights of Way and Access Management, 2009." which states: " A user not familiar with the area should be helped to follow the route, but this does not mean that he should be able to do it with no map and without thinking”. Good navigational skills and an up-to-date Guide Book and Map are essential.

Route Guide (3rd Ed.): Page 10, Section 1, Map 1 "Saltaire to Weecher Reservoir".  Top (29/5/21)
Companion (2nd Ed): Page 19, Section 1, "Saltaire to Weecher Reservoir" Para (11).

A potentially dangerous short road section near the start of A Dales High Way has been made safe, thanks to work by Bradford Council's Highways department.

The 200 metre road section leads from Weecher Reservoir onto Bingley Moor. Traffic along this stretch is very fast and the only verge on one side was difficult on foot due to a drainage ditch. This has now been stabilised and filled over with gravel, and bollards have been erected to separate it from the traffic.

This means a much safer passage for walkers. Our thanks must go to Kevin Whittaker of Bradford Highways in particular for making this happen!

New footway alongside Otley Rd near Weecher Reservoir

Route Guide (2nd Ed.): Page 26, Section 3, Map 11 "Settle to Smearset Scar".   (22/4/14)

A good deal of new tree planting has been undertaken along the River Ribble on the approach to Stainforth Force. Some new fencing and gating has been added, but the route itself remains unchanged. The planting has been undertaken by the Ribble Trust.

New trees planted alongside the River Ribble near Stainforth Force.

See the Ribble Trust website here.

Route Guide (1st Ed.): Page 47, Section 5, Map 22B "ALTERNATIVE route from Gais Gill to Newbiggin-on-Lune".   (6/6/12)
Companion: Page 91, Section 5,  Part 22B, "Gais Gill to Ravenstonedale and Newbiggin-on-Lune", Para 3.

A new cycle and walk way alongside the busy A685, opened in March 2012, has made the quarter mile journey here very much easier and now provides a pleasant one mile walk between the two villages. This is useful for those staying in Ravenstonedale and following the main route, and those taking the ALTERNATIVE bad weather route to the east of the Howgills.

The new walk and cycle way alongside the A685 The new cycleway was opened on March 10 2012
The new cycle and walk way alongside the busy A685 Official opening, March 10 2012

Route Guide (1st Ed.): Page 11, Section 1, Map 2 "Weecher Reservoir to White Wells", Box 7.   (1/11/11)
Companion: Page 22, Section 1,  Part 2, "Weecher Reservoir to White Wells", Para 7.  

The Boardwalks across wet areas of Ilkley Moor, descending from Lanshaw Lad to Ilkley Crags, have now been replaced by flagstones.

Flagstones replace boardwalk on Ilkley Moor

Flagstones replace boardwalk on Ilkley Moor

Route Guide (1st Ed.): Page 19, Section 2, Map 7 "Sharp Haw to Moor Lane (Hetton)", Box 2.   (6/3/11)
Companion: Page 38, Section 2,  Part 7, "Sharp Haw to Moor Lane (Hetton)", Para 2.  

The main Bridleway that crosses Flasby Fell has been cleared and marked with a line of blue-topped posts, to make it easier to follow in summer, when it is liable to become overgrown with bracken. The alternative routes above and below remain.

Bridleway across Flasby Fell

Route Guide (1st Ed.): Page 36, Section 3, Map 17 "Wold End to Dent".   (21/3/10)

Along the riverside path from Bridge End to Dent, where the route joins the Dales Way, most of the stiles have now been replaced by gates.

Stile before...

Gate now...

Stile before... Gate now...

Route Guide (1st Ed.): Page 28, Section 3, Map 13 "Crummack to Simon Fell", Box 3.   (9/3/10)

The Access Column referred to, used to carry a sign forbidding vehicles from venturing further. It is has now been removed altogether! This is at the point where you climb up above Crummack to reach the brow of the hill, when Ingleborough comes into full view. There are no landmark features at this spot now, so care is needed with navigation.



 Now gone...

Acces Column before Access Column partially demolished Access Column now gone.

Route Guide (1st Ed.): Page 26, Section 3, Map 11 "Settle to Smearset Scar", Box 3.   (19/3/09)

The sign near Stackhouse that points down the walled track to the river weir and used to read FP to Locks has been replaced. It now reads Public Footpath, Ribble Way, Stainforth.