A 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales
A Dales High Way Walk: a 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales

A Dales High Way

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Off-roaders stopped on bridleway

Off-roaders caught on bridleway at Weets Top

The drivers of four off-road vehicles were stopped last week as they drove along a public bridleway from Weets Top, along the route of A Dales High Way.

The vehicles were spotted by eagle-eyed National Park ranger Rob Ashford as they illegally made use of tracks reserved for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Rob alerted the police at Settle, who intercepted the four vehicles as they made their way down towards Gordale, above Malham.

PC Harry Carpenter, of Settle Police, said: "Both the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and ourselves welcome responsible use of the rights of way within the national park but we will not tolerate inconsiderate and inappropriate use and will take positive action against offenders especially when damage is caused, as in this instance, to maintained paths."

All four drivers have been reported for motoring offences.

Off-road vehicles are permitted on tracks marked as Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs), but the use of "mechanically propelled vehicles" (such as 4x4s) on footpaths, bridleways and restricted byways is banned under the CROW Act 2000.

Well done Rob!

See our previous story here.

3 Dec 2019

Dales High Way Ultra

Ultra Marathon on the Dales Way 2019

Ultra Marathon runners are preparing to tackle A Dales High Way non-stop in the New Year.

Runners and fast walkers are being invited to take on the 90-mile trail in a time of 36 hours or less.

Up to 200 participants are expected to sign up for the race, which is being run on the weekend of May 9th and 10th, 2020. For the ultra-hardy, an optional additional 10 mile run up to High Cup Nick and back from Appleby is on offer at the end, to make up a nice 100-mile marathon.

The Dales High Way Ultra Marathon is being organised by Ryk Downes, who has been running such events since 2017 under the Punk Panther banner.

Ryk organised a similar race along the 80-mile Dales Way last year, with the winner finishing in under 15 hours! The event raised over £2,500 for the Dales Way Association and DalesBus.

The races are professionally organised, with established checkpoints along the route and qualified medical support. Each runner also carries a tracker so that their progress and position can be followed throughout.

Ryk said "The Dales High Way makes for a very good ultra-marathon course as it is a very challenging route, with lots of climb and off-road terrain. It goes to some very remote places, and has some great scenery with wonderful views of the dales. It is also very easy for runners to recce as it largely goes along the route of the railway line from Settle to Appleby."

A Dales High Way has proved a popular challenge with long-distance fell runners. The current women's solo record was set last year by Catherine Bradley-Richardson in 35 hours and the men's record in 2016 by 3 runners in just 26 hours.

See the Punk Panthers Ultra Challenge here, and see the previous record here.

19 Nov 2019

Bridge over Hoff Beck Upgraded

Hoff Beck bridge

An essential footbridge crossing Hoff Beck on the final stages of A Dales High Way has had an upgrade that has almost doubled its length!

The footbridge has suffered erosion on its eastern bank for a number of years, washing away the steps that led up to it. The footings are vulnerable to the regular annual flooding that the beck experiences and finding a solution has been an ongoing problem.

Rangers at Cumbria County Council (CCC) have come up with a novel solution. Making use of an old footbridge that was still in good condition but no longer in use, they chose to extend the length of the original footbridge to solid ground and add new concrete steps.

Geoff Fewkers, Countryside Access Officer for CCC said: "It’s quite a simple yet effective, solution to the ongoing problem of the watercourse eroding the bank when in spate, by casting a new abutment and then using the old bridge section to span across the relief channel."

Amazing. Thanks guys.

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1 Nov 2019

Baildon Moor burial dated to Bronze Age

Bones found inside an ancient burial urn found over a century ago on Baildon Moor have just been radio-carbon dated to around 1700 BC - the early Bronze Age - over 3,500 years ago.

The decorated burial urn was found in 1904 by workers as they dug the seventh green on the moortop golf course at Pennythorne Hill, on a popular early alternative section for walkers of A Dales High Way.

Pennythorne Hill Bronze Ageburial urn and contents

Rumour had it that the workers wanted to dump what they found in their wheelbarrow and say nothing, but someone spotted what was afoot and alerted the council. In the hasty excavation which followed, the man’s cremated bones, crushed but not powdered, were discovered inside a complete decorated burial urn, along with a copper or bronze knife, a flint arrowhead, and a perforated bone tube.

Dr Keith Boughey, a retired science teacher and amateur archeologist who lives on the fringe of the moor, persuaded Bradford council to release samples to a radiocarbon dating laboratory.

The results, he said, “nailed down the period”, proving that the artefacts were from the very cusp of the new Bronze Age.

"This one is special for a few reasons" said Dr Boughey. "It contained metal. For a long time it was the stone age. Flint was the big one and they made really amazing things. Bronze is the first metal that was discovered."

The bones were those of a high-status man aged about 25.

Baildon Moor is one of several local moors which abound with prehistoric artifacts, including the nearby Dobruddon Stone which carries cup-and-ring markings from the Neolithic or New Stone Age - over 4000 years ago.

From November the Cremation Urn will go on display at the Bracken Hall Countryside Centre on Shipley Glen, Baildon. It will be displayed alongside the Heygate "cup-and-ring" stone. The centre is open Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 4 pm. Admission is free.

See the Yorkshire Archaeological Society here, the Yorkshire Post report here, and the Bradford T&A report here.

14 October 2019

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